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Contacts: e-mail: portraitinua@gmail.com   Тел/viber: (+38) 096-435-10-92


Portrait oil: 10-14 days;
Portrait in pencil: 2-3 days.


"New mail"
2-3 days
At the expense of the recipient


To CreditCard

Or at a meeting

Prepaid expense

30-50%  total cost;
Advance is not refundable.





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finished work

after graduation;

Portrait by photo

Portrait on a photo in Khmelnytsky to order:

Prices for portraits of the gallery "Ukrainian portrait" Khmelnitsky city:

Order a portrait of the artist in Khmelnytsky today, everyone can. You do not need to spend time and energy on trips to salons and exhibitions. Cooperating with us, the client does not have to overpay the gallery owner and other intermediaries. Today we offer the opportunity to order a portrait in Khmelnitsky directly from the artist! Without intermediaries. Ordering a portrait in any technique through the Internet will allow you to significantly enrich your collection of painting, and allow artists to continue doing their favorite work. Portraits on a photo to order, services of the artist in Khmelnytsky. To order a portrait from a photo - you can find all this with us. We invite you to plunge into the world of art!

Portrait from photo in oil on canvas - what could be more interesting and brighter than such an original gift? An oil painting with a close person depicted on it will give a lot of positive emotions' joy and happiness, providing good memories of your loved ones and relatives.

How much does it cost to paint a portrait from a photo:
Prices are in UAH without the cost of the frame.

Prices are in UAH without frame cost.
 1 person 2500 UAH. (50x60cm) Oil, canvas.
Deadline: 10 to 20 business days.
 Deposit (for paints and materials) 30% of the order value.

Prices are in UAH without frame cost.
1 person 300 UAH (30x40cm) pencil, paper.
Deadline: from 1 to 3 business days.
 Deposit (for paints and materials) 30% of the order value.

Portrait to order on the photo in Khmelnytsky

Portrait on the photo to order pricePortraits to order oil Khmelnitsky Order portraits online. Prices Ukraine Khmelnitsky

Other examples of portraits from photography by our artists in Ukraine can be in the gallery of works.

Portraits in a classic style, in a manner of realism, have long been in high demand. From ancient times, representatives of the nobility and nobility considered it necessary to have a court painter, whose works perpetuated over the centuries the family of monarchs, supporters, merchants, and other aristocracy. Such paintings today are recognized as true masterpieces and are valued by collectors in a fortune! The talent of the portrait painter was highly valued then and now. After all, not everyone is given to transfer to the canvas the portrait similarity of a person and his inner world, emotions and mood. Today, such a service as ordering a portrait from a photograph to an artist has become not only popular but also fashionable. The price of such a work is quite reasonable and affordable for those who know a lot about painting. To order a portrait from a photo - this means not only acquiring an object of art, but also making a unique and memorable gift to yourself, loved ones and relatives. Such a gift will bring a lot of positive emotions and will cherish the memory of those who donated them for many years.

You can see our portfolio on the same page below. Please note that this is not a photocopy, not a print, but the real handwork of a professional artist who will do everything in his power to give you and your loved ones a lot of joy.

Making a portrait from a photo to order in Khmelnytsky and in other cities of Ukraine requires considerable skill, so experts in painting do not recommend that this work be trusted to beginners. Creativity of true professionals will allow you to proudly present this piece of art to your guests and relatives. To order a portrait from a photo in oil on canvas is quite simple - just contact us and discuss the time, technique of execution and delivery.

The price of a portrait from a photograph in oil on canvas, dimensions 50x60 cm will be 2400 hryvnia. If the portrait should not depict one but two or three people - the price will increase slightly. Think over the details of the future picture: How do you see yourself around her, the background - it could be the sea, or the interior of the house, or a green meadow, or something else.

Portraits to order, like other oil paintings are made not at one time. On average, it takes up to two weeks to produce a high-quality portrait based on oil photography. Keep this in mind if you plan to present this portrait as a gift for any celebration.

A portrait from a photo to order can be made in Kiev, in Khmelnitsky, and in other cities of Ukraine, and delivered by a delivery service, for example, “Novaya Pochta”. Please yourself and your loved ones with creativity, and the memory of this event will warm your hearts for many years.

 Samples of our work can be seen here:


Prices for portraits

Portrait oil on canvas:

Number of people 20х30 30х40 40х50 50х60 60х80
1 person.  800 UAH 1500 UAH  1800 UAH  2500 UAH  3000 UAH
2 person.  1000 UAH  1800 UAH  2400 UAH  3000 UAH  3500 UAH
3 person.    2400 UAH  3000 UAH  3500 UAH  4000 UAH
4 person.    2800 UAH  3300 UAH  3800 UAH  4200 UAH
5 person.      3800 UAH  4300 UAH  4800 UAH
6 person.        5000 UAH

 6000 UAH


Pencil portrait on paper:

Number of people А4
1 person.  200 UAH 300 UAH  600 UAH  800 UAH  1200 UAH
2 person.  400 UAH  500 UAH  800 UAH  1000 UAH  1500 UAH
3 person.    800 UAH  1200 UAH  1500 UAH  1800 UAH
4 person.    1000 UAH  1500 UAH  1700 UAH  2000 UAH
5 person.      2000 UAH  2300 UAH  2500 UAH
6 person.        2500 UAH

 2800 UAH


Hello, dear friends, comrades, gentlemen, and customers.

We bring to your attention the service of a professional artist in portraits on photography to order.

We also want to acquaint you with the main aspects of our work, in order to avoid further misunderstandings.
A portrait from a photograph is a type of visual art that is becoming increasingly popular with both contemporary artists and their clients. Despite the availability of photography, a portrait, which is a real picture, made by hand in oil on canvas or a pencil, does not lose its popularity. It is very likely that while watching various movies, each of us paid attention to the fact that the refinement of interiors is always complemented by the portraits of their owners, as well as their family members. A portrait from life or from a photograph is a true family heirloom, designed to preserve the memory of a person for many generations. If you have already decided to order a portrait from a photo, in Khmelnitsky, for a gift to your loved ones, contact us! Your portrait to order will be executed by the best artists whose works are represented in our gallery.

Before starting work, an advance payment is taken. Advance is not refundable, even if you have changed plans. These funds are spent on consumables. The portrait is created manually, layer by layer, by painstaking work and attention to detail. If you suddenly do not want to buy it - we will have no choice but to throw away the work, since no one will buy this portrait from us anymore. So let's respect each other’s work and time.

The time required to complete the portrait in oil on a photo is from 14 to 20 days, if one person is depicted. If you want to portray more than one person, add a beautiful background, clothes with small details - the time required to make a portrait increases. Make your orders in advance.

In the cities of Ukraine there is a delivery service "New Mail". The customer pays for the delivery.

The frame is not included in the price of work.
Valerii Matsiuk