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Contacts: e-mail: portraitinua@gmail.com   Тел/viber: (+38) 096-435-10-92


Portrait oil: 10-14 days;
Portrait in pencil: 2-3 days.


"New mail"
2-3 days
At the expense of the recipient


To CreditCard

Or at a meeting

Prepaid expense

30-50%  total cost;
Advance is not refundable.





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finished work

after graduation;


Painting in Ukraine. Portrait from photo.

We welcome all art lovers on our site. "Ukrainian Portrait" is proud to present clothing collection of paintings by contemporary artists of Ukraine. We can always find a unique and memorable gift for yourself and your loved ones, unmatched interior decoration at home or office, and if you're a collector of the tempted - a worthy addition to its collection of paintings. The range of our services is not limited to only those pictures that are on the site - you can always order a painting in Ukraine through our website and our artists to quickly execute your order with the maximum taking into account all your wishes.

Each of our artwork is done by hand with oil paints on a canvas, artist professional with higher artistic education.

You can buy any of the pictures posted in the gallery, or to order a copy of its author, made ​​by the same author as the original.

Those who are interested in painting and wants to buy a painting in Khmelnitsky in Kiev now or can do it with us! Buy painting in Kiev

Let your dream come true and become the owner of something truly valuable, high and eternal. Art is out of time and out of fashion - we will help you correctly choose the desired picture just under your interior, as well as to answer any related questions for free.

Room apartment, house or office looks much more solid and richer, if it has a real picture. Paintings for sale in Ukraine, in Kiev and Khmelnytsky allow you to decorate your life and bring him a fair share of fascinating, uspokayuschego and enthusiastic mood.

Often in our everyday life, many of us are asking - where to buy oil painting? Many have no idea where you can get a picture of the artist in Kiev or in Ukraine, selling paintings, and where you can buy them. The first thing that comes to mind - a search for pictures on the market. But, unfortunately, the chances of finding a really real painting, not varnished or copier frank plagiarism there is minimized. Many have already made ​​sure that the sale of oil paintings on the street in the field of spontaneous trade is a bit like buying a pig in a poke. In addition, you do not know the real name of the artist, his creative path, the presence of the exhibitions, and therefore the opinion of critics and art historians. How inflated the price of such products, and whether they have artistic value - also remains a mystery. Therefore, we recommend not to tempt fate, and to buy paintings from professionals with a solid creative experience and relevant training.

It remains the choice - art gallery. Normal or virtual - you ask?

The choice, of course, up to you, but you should pay your attention to a number of factors when buying paintings:

- In our virtual gallery of paintings you can make your choice slowly, showing a photo of the painting to friends or colleagues;

- You do not have to spend time and effort on it to get to us. Everything is at hand, and the delivery of the paintings to you, we will arrange with the help of the shipping service;

- You do not have to pay for the cost of renting premises, and that falls on your shoulders if you decide not to buy a picture in the virtual and in the usual gallery.

- We have the widest selection of paintings. If you do not find it, what you like, we are pleased to offer the pictures to order fulfillment, as well as a portrait from photo oil or pencil.
- In our virtual gallery, you can quickly and easily find exactly what you like with search.

- Quick and easy payment and delivery.

Buy oil painting in Ukraine through our gallery is simple enough: it needs to go to the site and make the right choice.

In addition, our virtual art gallery allows you to choose the theme of the future picture, its size, color and stylistic direction.


Buy painting in Khmelnitski

If you decide to buy an oil painting or in Khmelnitsky in Kiev - then you've come to the right place! Pictures on request, ready to paintings, portraits on photos to order, consult the artists - this is an incomplete list of things that will make your purchase paintings easy and save a lot of money.

When selecting a painting to order, when you buy the pictures, remember that you get not only the thing, but the story of its creation. a piece of life of its author. This makes sense when you consider the fact that the paintings by famous artists eventually become a colossal price. Fame does not come immediately, so we offer to pay attention to painting promising artists who organize exhibitions, are not afraid of criticism of experts, which are written in the press. Besides painting should like its owner, it must overlap with the notes of his soul and please the eye.

On Copyright: Disclaimer:

The artist who wrote a picture for you or a portrait from a photograph does not claim to be authorship of other people's works. This also applies to photographs that the customer sends us for writing portraits from them. The customer is fully responsible for the use of photographic materials, graphic images. This includes possible claims about copyright and / or related rights to these source materials by third parties. Clients send us all photos for paintings and portraits of their own free will, thereby giving their consent to the use of these materials and the execution of paintings from these photos. Cooperation with us implies full acceptance of these conditions.

If you want to buy oil painting in Ukraine, do not just take the first available fabric. Gather your thoughts, drink your favorite drink - because painting is an art. But art is eternal and bustle does not tolerate. Leave the worries to then dive into the world of magical beauty. Looking at the pictures on our website, you can imagine a walk in Montmartre studio Picasso or Dali, the cool shade of the bridge, who wrote Monet, Van Gogh's sunflowers or nudes Gauguin. Feel like a piece of art and creativity. Look at our assortment of paintings to buy that you will not make any of the labor.

But we are not pushing you anywhere. Choose, meditate. We work around the clock - you still have time to think!

Prices for portraits

Portrait oil on canvas:

Number of people 20х30 30х40 40х50 50х60 60х80
1 person.  800 UAH 1500 UAH  1800 UAH  2500 UAH  3000 UAH
2 person.  1000 UAH  1800 UAH  2400 UAH  3000 UAH  3500 UAH
3 person.    2400 UAH  3000 UAH  3500 UAH  4000 UAH
4 person.    2800 UAH  3300 UAH  3800 UAH  4200 UAH
5 person.      3800 UAH  4300 UAH  4800 UAH
6 person.        5000 UAH

 6000 UAH


Pencil portrait on paper:

Number of people А4
1 person.  200 UAH 300 UAH  600 UAH  800 UAH  1200 UAH
2 person.  400 UAH  500 UAH  800 UAH  1000 UAH  1500 UAH
3 person.    800 UAH  1200 UAH  1500 UAH  1800 UAH
4 person.    1000 UAH  1500 UAH  1700 UAH  2000 UAH
5 person.      2000 UAH  2300 UAH  2500 UAH
6 person.        2500 UAH

 2800 UAH


Hello, dear friends, comrades, gentlemen, and customers.

We bring to your attention the service of a professional artist in portraits on photography to order.

We also want to acquaint you with the main aspects of our work, in order to avoid further misunderstandings.
A portrait from a photograph is a type of visual art that is becoming increasingly popular with both contemporary artists and their clients. Despite the availability of photography, a portrait, which is a real picture, made by hand in oil on canvas or a pencil, does not lose its popularity. It is very likely that while watching various movies, each of us paid attention to the fact that the refinement of interiors is always complemented by the portraits of their owners, as well as their family members. A portrait from life or from a photograph is a true family heirloom, designed to preserve the memory of a person for many generations. If you have already decided to order a portrait from a photo, in Khmelnitsky, for a gift to your loved ones, contact us! Your portrait to order will be executed by the best artists whose works are represented in our gallery.

Before starting work, an advance payment is taken. Advance is not refundable, even if you have changed plans. These funds are spent on consumables. The portrait is created manually, layer by layer, by painstaking work and attention to detail. If you suddenly do not want to buy it - we will have no choice but to throw away the work, since no one will buy this portrait from us anymore. So let's respect each other’s work and time.

The time required to complete the portrait in oil on a photo is from 14 to 20 days, if one person is depicted. If you want to portray more than one person, add a beautiful background, clothes with small details - the time required to make a portrait increases. Make your orders in advance.

In the cities of Ukraine there is a delivery service "New Mail". The customer pays for the delivery.

The frame is not included in the price of work.
Valerii Matsiuk